Enchantress Raven

Hey! I'm Raven, the OTHER Disney princess. *lol* I'm a dedicated roleplayer, cosplayer, artist and singer. My favorite fandoms are Disney, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, The Avengers, Tangled and Doctor Who. If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me. =D

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I remember the happiness before we were reborn, when the Earth was still one country and the Moon had its kingdom…but in the end, the Earth and Moon warred, and that happy time crumbled to ashes.

Sailor Moon Manga | Act 9


let’s shake hand

My name is tuxedo mask. Sailor moon… I will remember your name.
Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity's dance


it wet


Princess Serenity.

Couldn’t decide how I wanted to finish this off…

Edit: Fixed her crescent moon to be brighter.


The sheer beauty of the new animation makes me so happy but I am just so ready for the first arc to get to the end just because I want to see all the background taking place because it was always my favorite part.


Endymion, you are my first love, my only love… even if we’re reborn, in another life, we’ll find each other… and then… We’ll fall in love again… 

character- Luna from Sailor Moon
cosplayer- Enchanted Raven (Me)
photographer: Starrfall
character- Original Fawn Character
cosplayer- Enchanted Raven (Me)
photographer: Starrfall